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Widad Life Savers Blood Donation

You Don't Need To Be a Doctor To Save Lives!

We would like to cordially invite everyone to join us in this blood donation program. Everyone is welcomed to donate their blood. Ex-donors are encouraged to bring their small red book, while the first-timers are required to bring their identification card or passport.

Date Time Venue
30th Mar 2018 10am to 4pm Grand Petra Ballroom, Tower 4, Level 2
The Royal Widad Residence @ UTMKL
Jalan Maktab, 54100 Kuala Lumpur

Our aim for this program is to collect blood to help those in need. We hope to promote regular voluntary unpaid blood donation and provide adequate resources to provide quality donor care.

Those who have serious injuries, life-threatening diseases, or severe burns require frequent blood transfusions. Each of them need a specific kind of help as they might have different types of blood. Some rare sub-types of blood are more common in specific communities, which is why we encourage minority group to also participate in this program. The blood you donate is a lifeline in an emergency and for those who need long-term treatments.

  • The Royal Widad Residence @ UTMKL, Jalan Maktab, 54100 Kuala Lumpur (1181814-K)
  • +603 2733 6363
  • +603 2733 6300
  • info@royalwidad.com
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